The project I've been developing is Web TORPG where users develop their character(s) appearance and fighting tactics, adventure/discover new places, take on quests, join forces or go solo to battle against monsters/bosses or even other players, participate/effect the storyline via events, create/raid guild castles, steal from stores/players, open up shop, craft and create items, compete in beauty contests among other things.

I am an artist with much art already done for this project.
I am looking for someone to help me code this project, so please read on if you're interested.
Send me a PM for more information about anything.

The battle system is more then just your average two static images attacking back and forth.
It's an online tactical game, imagine chess on a more complex scale.
Players have to build their characters stats to appropriately match the needs of their class.
Vitality, Attack, Agility, Dexterity, Wisdom, Will

Health - Vitality, Will
Energy - Wisdom, Will
Power – Attack, Dexterity
Spirit Dmg- Attack, Wisdom
Dodge - Agility
Defense - Will, Vitality
Hit rate - Dexterity, Attack
Cast/Reload speed - Wisdom, Agility

Your movement will be based off of your Agility and Dexterity.
For example)
5 Agility will allow you to move in 4 directions by 1 square
10 Dexterity will allow you to move in the 4 Diagonal directions by 1 square
30 Agility would allow 4 directions by 2 squares
45 Dexterity would allow 4 directions diagonally by 2 squares
Depending on what the character builds they will be able create their own movement grid.

Each player can choose 2 of 5 basic skills, they can get the others down the road if they want.
Wait, Jump, Throw, Avoid, Counter
Players must then choose their starting class.
They must then pick a weapon type based on what class they choose, some classes can use two weapons.
This reduces the damage done by each weapon but will take both weapons grids and combine them.
Anyways.... on with the grids

Weapon grid:

The old idea I had was to have class specific attack grids, but this got too confusing...

Though I'm not looking to sign on, I do applaud your work. I suggest that the next step on the "Student -> Dropout -> ?" path is Hippie. :)

Just sent you a PM, I'm interested in helping