hye everyone,
i'm finding someone that could create a mobile game application using java and netbeans as the ide..the mobile game im trying to create is a chinese board game called "go"..I JUST need a simple application..dont need extreme graphics..i need it as soon as possible..i am willing to pay..RM 150(negotiable)..malaysia only..

I can do 3d modeling well. but don't know what engine you would use to make it on a cellphone.

what do u mean engine to make it on a cellphone?:)

Well i mean i thought you would have to have a game engine to make it work. Lol that's all. Because i use irrlicht engine and 3d studio max 9.

For a board game you wont need an engine lol

Just use basic libaries like AWT or Swing or whatever the device supports

oh i didnt know lol good to know. Anyway. I can do graphics if you want.

FoxHound, you obviosusly dont know what you are talking about, the irrlicht engine is in C++, not java. If hes designing for a cellphone he wants it to be in J2ME

Umm...who said that Irrlicht was java??? you~! lol. Im currently useing irrlicht for my projects AND i use it in Visual Studio 2008...so obviously you should start asking questions instead of assuming. XD!

And asus, sorry but i don't know any of that stuff, sorry for waisting your time. Hope you find what your looking for.

jbennet..u have any basic codings to create a board game?i mean an example

Board games, but not for mobile phones. Could probably port it easy to J2ME though.

Check Sun's website. Theres a GUI netbeans example for tic-tac toe so shouldnt be hard to make one for "go"

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