heyy guyz!!! is it possible to make a game with d help of .NET means action game if not plz suggest d lang. which u prefer to me to adopt for build a gud action game....Thanks in ADVANCE

Before trying to create a game, try learning a programming language first so that you understand how it works and you've grasped the basics.
If you want games anyway, I'd suggest C++, but for simple 2D stuff you can use Python + pygame.

Thank you for posting that link :)

hey shadwickman i m a programmer I m doing Masters in Computer y u think dat i m not a programmer?
thnx nywayz for ur intrest in my query :P

commented: Liar! Now speak English! -1

Sorry, I usually associate education with some sort of intelligence, apparently lacking due to your posts which are difficult enough to try to read and comprehend. That and 90% of people who post in this forum about trying to make a game don't even know any programming yet, they just have ambitions, and your atrocious spelling linked you in my mind with those people. Sorry for the confusion.
So which programming language are you going to go with then? If you're doing a masters in comp. sci. you should understand the strengths and weaknesses of various languages.

No need 2 say soory man it hppns , anywayz right now i knw c,c++,.Net and little bit of Python.

Like I was saying, C++ has the benefits of extremely fast execution speed (which you'd need for 3D stuff), and also object oriented design. I most prefer Python, but it's not as logical a choice as C++ for 3D graphics as it's a lot slower in execution. I don't know much of anything about .NET, but my suggestion for C++ still stands. And with it, you can try using OpenGL, or the more difficult DirectX (but the SDK for DirectX is only available on Windows).

thnx shadwickman thnx a lot 4 helping me :D

I'd say shadwickman's assumption that you had little programming knowledge was also boosted by the fact that it appears you don't seem to understand .Net is not a programming language (I suppose more pressing is what university allows you to get to a masters level without understanding this). .Net is certainly not a language, it is a framework and would be used as such - not as an alternative to a programming language.
Perhaps have a look at Microsoft's XNA Framework as they have a lot of tutorials and learning resources available for it, officially C# is the only supported language but theoretically you could use any .Net-supported language.

commented: Good point about .NET as I know nothing about it. +4
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