I'm planning to do a simple game engine (the core functionality in c++) from my own and I want to start with the scripting engine as I want this to be very 'modable', I did not coded anything yet, so suppose that exists a OOP scripting language in which I code the AI and things like that...which produces some kind of 'bytecode', so my question is : What part of this bytecode (variables, functions, or objects) should I retrieve from the VM and why?


1. Needs a library file (*.h ro *.hpp)
#include "myscript.h"

myscript1(); // Call myScript 1
myscript2(); // Call myScript 2
myscript3(); // Call myScript 3

Also this is a very good web site

SWIG makes integrating C++ with a wide range of scripting languages.


Thanks, well found web page, i'll give it a shot.

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