Hi all,

I have been started to learn game programming for some weeks.
I want to make a simple 2d game first, as a start off.
but I come across some trouble~they are:

I tried C++:
allegro : maybe too primitive and old?
Irrlicht: 3d rendering concept too complex for me (now), not understand the whole bunch of scenenode, scenemanager, mesh, meshbuffer things. I don't think I am ready.
Ogre : too complex even to install. I compiled ogre from source myself once, but cannot link ogre with a new project. damn.

I tried python:
pygame: the documentation of it and python sucks. For example, a class in pygame is pygame.sprite.Sprite, the doc explained its method available, but doesn't tell me its attribute, what is it about???

Java.....I wouldn't consider it because it is just too slow.

C# and silverlight.....does it have a future for game programming?

Flash.......doesn't even have a tool to write it (adobe flash require money). However I am interested to make some game like bejeweled, they are awesome.

Objective-c : popular for iphone game, but I don't have a iphone and don't have a mac book, so it is already banned

End up I think C++ is the most appropriated language which have great documentation and many active support from the internet. Can anybody suggest some idea for me in this way? Do you think allegro is a way out?

I would be really appreciate for any help. Thank you all!

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I'm not sure myself but I'm trying to work on a game like that myself.
I sent you a Pm about something also.

I think allegro is a good place to start. It's fairly primitive, but it should be advanced enough to make some good little 2D games, as long as you know what your doing with it. Not sure what you mean about PyGame not being documented very well. There are loads of examples and a full documentation of all the functions. I got along fine with it, and I'm now using PyOpenGL with it as well.

Well for me i think allegro also is the best game programming and i agree with SgtMe" suggestion!!

:D Please upvote my post then and mark the thread as solved. Thanks :)

For me, It's allegro...and because a lot of tutorials and online forums are scattered over the internet...

It's also a beginner friendly tool...

you can go here:

and here

most of their discussion are about Allegro and SDL...

Goodluck! :)

I would try using SDL. I use it and, it has many functions including detecting mouse and keyboard activity, multithreading, alpha blending, .ttf text, and audio.

For simple but excellent tutorials on how to get it, use it and, make games with it check http://www.lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/.

These tutorials show you all of the important parts of SDL and many cool tricks you can do with it.

Have fun! :)

just stick on c++ or python

I would say go with allegro.
Also i will suggest Sudo Bash's comment.

You say you didnt even consider java because its too slow however by using multiple threads you would be able to make an efficient game. games such as Runescape and minecraft (two very successful games) are programmed in Java. Java is used in many business arenas as it is cross platform and by configuring the JRE carefull you can create a very fast application.

Im also interested in developing a 2d game. can anyone let me know how it can be done and what us the process

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