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Good second programming language or a second programming languages to learn at once?

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By second programming language do you mean a language you know but don't really use? It seems kind of silly to think in terms of first, second, third, etc...; you should learn as many languages as practical to benefit your skillset.

So let's start with this: what language do you already know?

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I'm learning Python 3. I tryed to learn alot but did not feel comfortable with them, I know little of Lua,C++,Java. But I want to learn a programming language at the same time I'm learning Python 3.

Okay, so let's examine why Python isn't doing it for you. Since you seem unsatisfied, why is that?

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It's not that I'm unsatisfied. I'm just beginning to learn python 3... I want to learn another programming language at the same time, while learning Python 3. But then again I could not even like Python in the future. But who know's.

I'd actually recommend against learning your first two languages simultaneously because you're also learning programming in general at that time. Too much information, some of it guaranteed to be conflicting due to varying syntax rules, will prove to be confusing and slow your progress.

So if you're happy with Python so far, keep learning just Python until you feel sufficiently learned or have need for a different language. That's my advice.

Once you reach that point, unless you need something different, of course, my suggestion would be Java, C#, or VB.NET.

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Any well rounded programmer should know at least C and Assembler. And can't go wrong knowing a bit of Cobol.
But maybe I'm old fashioned :)

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Thanks. :)

I can talk only from my own encounter, which has never and probably never will include any type of web rule. C++ and C have been my principal for the last several decades, with objective-C switching up in the last few decades (although remarkably not in any way including Apple organization products; the group I signed up with has been using it since the times of NeXTSTEP). Keep this encounter in thoughts, as it will color my viewpoint. Also, I study Science and Maths; I've never taken any course with the phrase "Computer" or "Programming" in the headline, which again will color my viewpoint (but hopefully offer a a little bit different viewpoint to my many friends here who did take such courses).

Technically, everything I've proved helpful on would be either a desktop pc program or included, but none of it was shrink-wrap program that Joe Community would go out and buy; it's all customized program, mostly in and around the defense market.

I try to push every younger programmer that comes through the organization towards some included perform at some point; not just because included perform really enhances up your knowing of C and the extra complications of debugging and examining included components power individuals to quit techniques, but also because they seem to be in large requirement and never have any problems discovering perform (well-paid perform, too). If you can do some included development, please take that chance.

I predict never desperate for perform with a strong platform in C and C produced languages; never had any problems so far, even to the factor that I've never actually worried to discover a new job before making the old one. I just take a couple of several weeks and then hit the "help wanted" area.

learning bash is a good investment. very useful if you are into servers and such

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