Whats currently the hot tool for developing simple games for the Internet? I'm talking about games like the ones you might see on Miniclip.com, freeaddictinggames.com or newgrounds.com. I want to start developing some games. Also, if you a tool in mind that is not "hot" but one that you find very convenient and easy, do share.
Thank you :)

Unity is an excellent game engine. It's free and supports cross-platform deployment including web, iOS, Android and more.

yes Unity3D is a best game development software

Unity, HTML5 (vanilla, Construct 2, GameMaker etc) and Flash. I prefer HTML5. Construct 2 and GameMaker both have game editors. Unity also has a game editor, but its a little harder to learn because its more in-depth.

If Javascript is ok with you, try CopperLicht

Unity is ok but their webplayer crashed chrome ..... that's a huge problem.
HTML5 is better. Give OpenFL a try....

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