Was look for a good unity game tutorial for doing a temple run kind of game, I wanted to learn this just for my own interest essentially not to make another endless runner clone. C# scripting preferred.

What I don't understand is if you have a vehicle on a track how do you keep it on there. Like supposed you have a train on the track is there something like a guide mesh in unity or something to that effect? Thanks in advance.

I am 3d artist. So I already understand how to create meshes, textures, etc.

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After this topic, I played with the code and the source a little, took me around 20 mins to build. There are some prefabs missing and I stopped, if you want to continue from where I left, let me know. I can send you the source code of what I ve done.
See the image here
hope this helps
ps : I messed up the runners outfit you ll need to fix that too

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