Hi all,
Let me know if I'm posting this in the wrong place..
I'm in the process of recruiting a development team for part time work on a MMORPG I'm creating called World Domination Online (WDO). Please visit my website http://www.dtmstech.com for more details about the game and the development. We are looking for people with the following skills:

We are looking for people with the following skills: [empty space]

Well, if you're looking for people with no skills you're at the wrong place. :mrgreen:

Sorry but I couldn't resist it...

Now for the serious part:

WDO will be developed entirely in VB.net

That counts me out and a lot of the more 'experienced' programmers, most of them use C++
[this will get me in trouble I guess..]

"World Domination Online" (WDO). WDO is a MMORPG based on the state or the art TrueVision3D graphics engine. The game will combine the best elements of some of the greatest games ever developed such as World of War Craft, Sid Meyers Civilization, Ultima Online, and World War II Online.

How many people are in your team, because if you want to make a game as big as WoW you'll need *a lot* of experienced programmers and *a lot* of time.

What areas are still open on the development team?

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  • 3D Sound, Sampling, and programming.

Have a look at this thread.

again, nice threads, but how can ever manage to have that offer.... please, someone, teach me!