We are creating a mobile app for our local school transportation (E-cab) for our thesis. We would like to try if this can be done without the use of internet.

Our app will include a map primarily of the school.

The mobile app can do the following:

1. Track each E-cab and determine the duration it will take to get to you.

2. Allows the user to call the E-cab of their choice by tapping on the marker of the E-cab that appears on the map.

3. and the driver can also view the location of the call/tap via a blip/blink on where the location of the call was done.

So what devices do we need to do this and is the software of the device customizable?

We are very much open to suggestions.

Thank you

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You can do it without internet, but all the devices must be connected to the same network(wireless in the case).

The Student and Driver app can be done in any smartphone (android, ios...).

What about the software being customizable? Aren't you the one that is going to write it?

as the location APIs you're going to have to rely on are internet based web services hosted by for example Google, you're going to have to rely on the internet...

Of course it's possible to write such APIs yourself, but it's a lot of work.

Your devices will likely also want to communicate using 3G networks, again that's internet based.
Using SMS instead is certainly possible but a lot more expensive.

Use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and iBeacon. Take full advantage of those.

Use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and iBeacon. Take full advantage of those.

And how do you propose to transmit updates on cabs locations in oreder to work out journey duration or displaying cab locations on map?
iBeacons are good for transmiting pre-programmed information not for creating network that shares data across (that is so far my experience with them)

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