i am a newbie

samuel1991 commented: To neutralize -1 +0

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Hello. Did you have any questions to ask?

Don't worry many of here are Newbie. Actually me also.
Please ask your question. If any

Welcome to this community, You can ask question here.

Hi Adele, welcome to the club

Everyone was a noob once. I won't say in which century I was, but let's just say that Fortran IV was a newish thing then... :-)

And folks, why was @adele downvoted? I've giving her an upvote. Just stating she is a noob to the forums and programming isn't cause (IMO) to dis her!

Welcome to Android Family. I hope you will enjoy your time with Andorid device. Do you have any question?


Because the thread itself does not look like a question and hence the downvote but there again I did not see a "For Newbies" forums that purpose is not much beyond self-intro.

I have upvoted it to neutralize the -1 into 0.

Intros used to go in the community introductions forum, but now they just go in the Community Center with an appropriate tag of course :)

welcome to daniweb ,

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