Hello i made a website written on PHP, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, MYSQL and i want to make an application. How should i start? I want of course to make it multiplattform (IOS, Android, Windows). What would you suggest ?

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Cordova/Phonegap. I've built a couple of apps this year using Cordova and maintained a couple of others. It's a pretty easy learning curve, heaps of plugins and dev tools to help you - I do my cordova programming in visual studio 2015.
The down side of cross platform, if you're oding it yourself, is that at some point you still need a mac to build the iOS version (if you work on Linux or windows).

ok i got it. Cordova is installed with Visual Studio 2015 right?

@hericles what do you mean need a mac to build the iOS version? Do you have to put a serial number or something?

@Simonloa Cordova/Phonegap uses XCode tools to create the iOS builds. And XCode is only available for Mac, that's why you can build iPhone version only on a mac.

While using Cordova, you should also check out Ionic framework. It will really help make your app look more like a native app. It is based on AngularJS and provides components that adapt to the platform the app is being built for.

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Ok @vishal.deep i got it. Let me ask you another thing. Android Studio uses Java same as Flash Builder for PHP (which works for me) why they say that building with Java is not the best way to make multiplatform apps cause is deprecated?

ps. I know that with Android studio you can only make apps for Android

@simonloa Flash Builder for PHP is an Eclipse based IDE, which itself is written in Java. If you have added ADT then you can create Android applications using Flash Builder too.

Google used to offer the same (Eclipse + ADT) before replacing it with the new Android Studio. I don't know if ADT is deprecated.

But if you are getting any warning when building the app maybe it's because Google now prefers gradle based build system, which Android Studio uses. And Google might deprecate ADT.

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