Here is a list of my priorities in SEO focus this year.

  1. Map Strategy To Audience & Competitive Insights
  2. Align Your Content & SEO Teams
  3. Make Mobile SEO A Priority
  4. Find Measurement & Reporting That Works
  5. Integrate SEO Data Across Teams

Please share your year.

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Also Ill add here content marketing, improving behavioral factors, Social Activity


Great points Jordan. Its definitely some of the areas which one should concentrate in 2015.


Keys to SEO success in 2015:

• Map Strategy to Audience & Competitive Insights
• Content creation is the most important factor in SEO effectiveness
• Find Measurement & Reporting that Works
• Integrate SEO Data Across Teams
• Give more emphasis to ROI, not keyword rankings
• Create content assets such as info graphics and guides that earn links
• Use more interesting videos
• Responsive and mobile-optimized websites
• Social media engagement
• Lack of quality content is a major challenge to SEO success


My Strategy for 2016:

  • Do more link building
  • Focus on conversion optimization
  • Focus on international expansion
  • Continue not to buy into hypes and BS

Responsive web design and adding proper tags are the main keys to rank the website.

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