I'm try to use a hardware to create key for encryption in mobile devices( in a model at first)
this is my question: can i get my keys from TPM?
If is it possible, how can i do it?

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Too vague. Besides you can google TPM ON ANDROID to see a big void. It wasn't called for either. No reason to do this?


I read about tpm befor, now i try to refine some models in cloud computing
If i able to use tpm for encrypting befor sending data to cloud service provider, i think performance gets better


Your reply may have revealed your true question. Such as how to encrypt. Using the TPM would be a strange idea since what you encrypt there should not be usable on your other machines. How to decrypt stuff with a TPM.

-> I'm going to advise you forget TPM and investigate other encryptions. If you post an unclear question, that is, the question that lead to this question, then you have folk guessing what lead you to this idea. The TPM ON ANDROID (most mobile platforms) should show you that's a dead zone. If you insist, sure, but you will be very much on an one person raft far out at sea without support.

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