There is only so much one can do with a database. The basic requirment is to add delete search display and go somewhere with the information. The better DB have images. I can write all the wants that a web master has but there is no way (at present) I can get my head around php mysql. I can find tutorials how to make a text only system but when images and links are added it seems impossable.
I would like to link up with a php mysql programer to make the basic possiable.
I can contribute the needs and wants if someone would like to join me with the programing.
There are commercial programs that may do this but I want to live in a free world that all can share.


Do you want to store the location of a pic in the DB? That isn't much more than adding another field to enter into the DB. then using the resultant for a drop down menu.

I'm not sure I understand what you need here.