I have a little VB6 program that I wrote a few years ago. I use it for drag and drop dialing through my external modem( or in some cases my speaker).
Recently, my modem died and I bought a new external one, but the new one goes through the USB and appears as com5. This won't work with the VB command commopen().

Hyperterm has no problem with com5, and works with either com5 or a name string from the same drop down list. The name used is "SupraMax 56k USB". The latter leads me to wonder if this type of modem should be opened more like a file, with a different command. Apparently this USB type modem can't have registers and interrupts in the usual sense of a serial port.

I remember going through considerable pains initially trying to make the program work with the MSComm object, and finally got it going, but later took it out because people were saying that it had some kind of copyright restrictions by Microsoft (I think).

I would appreciate any thoughts from anyone with knowledge about a reliable way of dealing with com5. Thanks


MSComm32 is not part of all versions of VB

If you got MSComm32 in your version then you may also deploy it.

If you didn't get MSComm and you added it manually yourself then it may work on your development computer but you won't have the developer license so deployment may fail (ie it won't work on your users' computer)