Consider the following VBA statement that calls a user-written function procedure Conevol with two arguments:
Volume = 0.333* Module1.Conevol(radius, height)
Based on the above VBA statement, identify the assertions below that are false:
a. The above VBA statement resides in Module1
b. Conevol is a public procedure
c. Conevol returns two values, one for radius and another for height

I say the answer is C, am I correct?

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The answer 'A' is true because within a module or from another module u can call the procedure followed by its module name. but to call a function which is in another module, the module name where the function resides will be mandatory.

The Answer 'B' is true because you can call a function in another module if and only if it is declared as public.

The Answer 'C' is false because the radius and height are the arguments passed to the function and not the return values. And also a function can return one and only one value.

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