In my installer project i added few project outputs. When compiling the code, i am getting the warnings as

Warning 11 Two or more objects have the same target location ('[targetdir]\\bccrypto-net-1.0.dll')

To remove the warning, rightclick the dll and select the properties windows. In that set Exclude property value to true.(More than one class is trying to place the same dll in the Targetdir)

Now the warning is not shown. After saving the project, if i close the project and open it again.
Rebuild the solution. Again i got the same warning

Can any one please tell me how to remove the warning.

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That's surely because you select to output for example 2 or more .exe, which each of which depends on same dll, so windows installed get the 2 .exe + the depended dll, so it warns you about that, don't worry at all, your work is good

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