I am using windows XP

I need a small programme in Visual basic 6 with Access 2000

I have two tables for example one table named student other table named section

In student table rno is primary key. In section table Rollno is primary key

Both tables have datas, I want to insert datas from student to section.

The coditions is unique datas only (ie. some datas already in section while inserting
datas from student to section the existing datas should be eliminated they wont be inserted)
( by comparin rno with rollno)

Please me code for inserting tables using ADODB recordset

A.Senthil kumar

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if rno and Rollno are same then try this query

INSERT INTO Section(FirstName, LastName)
SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Student where student.rno=section.rollno

i hope it will work

You can do this in a number of way, one simple way is that,

1. if you want to insert only student whose info is in students table but not in Section table,
then select uisng this SQL

SQL= "SELECT * FROM Student WHERE rno NOT IN(SELECT DISTINCT Rollno FROM section WHERE Student.rno= section.Rollno)ORDER BY rno"

The Above SQL will select only those student which are not in the Section table so that you can insert all the elected list to the Section Table by using AddNew command.

Try this, its so simple. There a number of way for this.

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