Hi Guys,

Surely this shouldnt be such a complex task! I have done this before for a desktop application where I typed in data on the UI clicked a button and a new text file was created on the C: drive and the data added.

Ive been googling and googling and searching forum upon forum but Im not having much luck.

I have already set up a VB project but my C# skills are stronger so I felt it would be wise to get it working using a language im more familiar with before delving into the deep end.

Just to give an overview of what I am doing:

A sales rep conducts questionnaires with customers via pen and paper ... I have to modernise this approach so that it uses windows mobile 6.

Im rather new to mobile development and cant suss out how/where to store the NEW file on the device so that I can then attach the file to an email...

Please could someone help point me in the right direction for this, I would be very greatful

:) thanks


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Surely it has an equivelent of "My documents"?

add new button and event for button
OpenFileDialog dijalog = new OpenFileDialog();
TextBox.Text = dijalog.FileName;
adn you will see path of any folder, than you can use this path in your program

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