Hi...I am making a speech recognition program for my own personal use, because I don't like the way the built in vista speech reco software works.
Here are my questions:
1. when I open the app that I programmed in VB, it automatically opens vista's built in voice recognition software. Is there a way to either run the VB program on its own without the built in reco program running? or to disable the built-in program's ENTIRE dictionary or do something so that only my program will respond when I speak?

any help or leads would be MUCH appreciated as microsofts built-in program is severely annoying :)

Thanks, Nick

Is it possible to intercept the WM's from another program and control them from within your own?

another thing is that I wanted my program to make voice logs, saved as wav files, like a "captains log" kinda thing LoL :) but if vista's reco program is trying to interpret what I am saying during the log recording, that would not be good. Is there a way to change the "mode" of the built in program from within VB? I mean, make it stop listening, then start again when I tell it to?

Okay, I figured it out! it can be done. There is a sample project that comes with SAPI 5.1 that is called "Simple Dictation" for visual basic. I didn't think it would apply to my needs, but it shows how to use SpInProcRecoContext rather than SpSharedRecoContext. I tried simply changing it from one to the other, and it failed, but as it turns out, there is a few more lines of simple code in the sample project that are needed for it to run.

cheers, Nick