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have you tried to use REGSVR32 utility .

i used the regsvr32 but its not register the dll


Guys are right, you need to use regsvr32.exe to register a component, or - if you are familiar with API you can use loadlibrary and then call DllRegisterServer function.

In case of THE VISTA, you however, must consider THE SECURITY. As an ordinary user - regardless if you are member od admin, or not - you are less than nothing in fact. THE VISTA protects you so perfectly, that only if you run program as administrator you are *real* admin and you are alowed to read and write THE REGISTRY (*real* registry, not the fake one virtualized) and then you *can* register something the same way how you used to do.


yup i had to recently do the same thing from vb.net and i had to setup my application so it asked for escalation via a UAC prompt . This is an option in VB.NET 2008 but dont think its possible in vb6.

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