Hi Everyone,

Has anyone accessed USB ports from VB5. I support a major realtime program which controls equipment. Currently the equipment is connected to PC via serial ports.

My customer is developing new hardware and has decided to connect it via USB port.

So two questions

1) has anyone controlled non PC hardware connected by USB port from VB5 program ? Data will flow in both directions, in case this makes a difference.

2) should I move system to VB6 ?

Thanks for any help


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Dont think so. USB wasnt even invented when VB5 came out
Not sure if you will have much luck with VB6 either


Dont think so. USB wasnt even invented when VB5 came out

I agree which is why I have asked the question. VB6 I think will be alright, but to convert to VB6 is likel;y to be a big job as there are upward of 250000 line of code.


I have a copy of VB6 on order, so will know in a few days and let you know.

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