I’m very very new in VB6.0 in my project I need a function where I want to pass month name as variable value which will be selected from a combo box by user and the function will generate the full date from starting to end along with the weekday name.

Suppose user select the month “JANUARY” and year from different combo box. Under combo box click event that function will work and will generate the valid date from 1st January to 31th January along with the weekday name. like:

01-Jan-09 Thursday, 02-Jan-09 Friday, 03-Jan-09 Saturday, 04-Jan-09 Sunday, 05-Jan-09 Monday, 06-Jan-09 Tuesday, 07-Jan-09 Wednesday, 08-Jan-09 Thursday, 09-Jan-09 Friday, 10-Jan-09 Saturday, 11-Jan-09 Sunday, 12-Jan-09 Monday, 13-Jan-09 Tuesday, 14-Jan-09 Wednesday, 15-Jan-09 Thursday, 16-Jan-09 Friday, 17-Jan-09 Saturday, 18-Jan-09 Sunday, 19-Jan-09 Monday, 20-Jan-09 Tuesday, 21-Jan-09 Wednesday, 22-Jan-09 Thursday, 23-Jan-09 Friday, 24-Jan-09 Saturday, 25-Jan-09 Sunday, 26-Jan-09 Monday, 27-Jan-09 Tuesday, 28-Jan-09 Wednesday, 29-Jan-09 Thursday, 30-Jan-09 Friday, 31-Jan-09 Saturday.

LevelText of 31 unique level (control) will display those dates. All the date must be valid. I’m requesting all of my seniors, plz plz help me.

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Post the code that you have accomplished already, and show us where you are having trouble so that we can guide you.

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