any body know how to install linq in visual studio 2005.

i installed Linq preview 2006 in this order
VS2005 -> vs(sp)1 -> linq preview 2006.

still i am not able to use ObjectDumper(), ToQuerable() etc...
in my coding.

how is it activate in my system. i am new to .net and linq.

if u know please send that information ASAP...

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Why to not use VS 2008 it's better and reliable, and can target .NET framework 2.0 + has LINQ fixes


in my organization have not vs2008. so that's why i face the above problems.

LINQ is a built in feature for .net 3.5 and comes with vs2008, to make it work in .net 2/vs 2005, you would have to add the file as a reference to your project, as well as in the usings..

Then you maybe able to.

We can't guarantee for you that LINQ version on 2005 the same on 2008, may be ObjectDumper(), ToQuerable() features on 2008, and weren't yet on 2005


i don't know about the add the file as a reference to C# project..

if u know please share ur ideas.

How about you type whole words.

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