I wish to connect 2 computers together using a crossover Ethernet cable and then write a program in Visual Basic 6 to send data between them. How do I do this and are there any Vb examples?

How do I know the address of the ethernet port to open?

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I assume you have Operating System/Hardware networking connection solved. If not, go to the Networking forum first for advice and take care of that first

But for the VB6 part, you can reference the Microsoft Jet Database 3.51, or 3.6 libraries in conjunction with the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 library.

Go to the Project Menu and select References. And check the above mentioned libraries to give your program the ability to share data on a client machine on the user's computer or on the network.

The Microsoft Jet Database provides both client and server capabilities. :)

Of course, if you just want to send data, You don't need a database server, just send and receive files.


Both computers will be running WIndows XP. I am a bit confused whether I have to use TCP/IP protocol and Winsock.dll. Will they solve the problem of both computers sending at the same time i.e. does the receipt of a byte cause an interrupt on the ethernet port and thus cause an interrupt in my program? How would I detect this?

I need to write the program in VB and not C due to other hardware that will referenced by my program. I do not need a database solution as any data receive will only be displayed on the VDU & not saved.


I need to write the program in VB and not C due to other hardware that will referenced by my program.

That' puzzling. Why should C, which is a more flexible language, present a problem with your situation?

I am a bit confused

I agree.

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