I'm using the streamreader to read in a text file and using the function EndOfStream to detect the end of the text file.
The problem i facing is that i'm getting this weird error message -- >
System Error &H80131c25&
Does anyone know what this means and how to solve this problem?

Many thanks

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You have to do some googling.

I tried http://www.google.com/search?q="System+Error+%26H80131c25%26" (and few others) but didn't find anything useful.

Can you further define the conditions? Were you debugging or was it an executable? Can you repeat the error? Anything additional info could be helpful.

Could you use My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllText() (VB.2005 and newer) instead of StreamReader?

hm i can help ya maybe .. well .. first .. ill explain how it work. The reader open your Textfile and read it line per line. The msgbox dispay each readed lines . You can change the Event part if you want too . Hope that helped you ~ Ben

Dim readf as new system.io.streamreader(YourFilePathHere)
Dim line as string

Do until readf.endofstream

'here your event ! for this exemple ill show you how read textfile line per line
line = readf.readline()
msgbox (line)
line = ""


Ah and i will also show you how READ line per line IN a richtextbox instead of FROM A FILE (more usefull cuz dont need to save files)

Same code than other one .. exept

Dim readf as new system.io.stringreader(richtextbox1.text)
dim line as sring

do until readf.peek = -1
'event here

line = readf.readline
msgbox (line)
line = ""


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