I need help with an isometric tile-building program I'm making. The user has many different tile images to choose from to put on a isometric map (ex. Grass, Dirt, Wall). I wanted an easy way to store all these image so I put them in resx file in a satellite assembly, the only problem is that I'm to a point in the program where I want the user to have the ability to add there own custom tiles. I'm not sure how to right to an resx file in an assembly that is currently running, and the tile image needs to be saved in the assembly so that the user can use their custom tiles next time they runn the program.

Is there a way to write to a resx file in an assembly? If theres not than can someone suggest a better way to encapsulate all these isometric tile images?



Again, a database is your solution. XML and directory but users can delete\replace or play with directory which then your assembly well not behave well.

I took your advice and did use a database to store the name and other properties of the tile, but research i found on the internet suggested said the actual image should not be stored on the database just a "pointer to the image". So I guess my real question was whether I should store the actual image on the database. Alright thanks for the help again.