I have Toshiba Satellite A40 with Toshiba SD-R2412 CD-RW/DVD-ROM Optical drive. I have to change my optical drive due to lens failure and I bought TEAC DW-224E as per recommendation in Toshiba Notebook Manual provided to me.

When I insert and turn on laptop, I get IDE #1 error message and I don't get any optical drive in device manager.

I understand from other thread that joining Pin 45 and 47 using aluminum foil will solve the problem.

Could anyone hep me in giving step by step in how to do it if possible with screen shots?

Most important this is how to locate exact Pins 45 and 47 in my TEAC drive?

Folks, kindly help me to solve this issue for me.

Thanks in advance.

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53 Views but no one to help. I thought this forum would help me out. Perhaps I am wrong...


in the thread above there are pictures in post #1 of the back of the drive showing 3 or 4 different ones . mine was the first one ,pick yours and have a close look at the pins ,i read and looked and plucked the 45,47 pins with a small very small screwdriver ,used needle nose pliers to bend and cross the 2 pins ,crossed the 47x45 pins so they touch each other and plugged drive in and it worked ,i didn't solder it yet and may not do so!might flash its firmware ,may not

note: pins count from side to side ,therefor the last 3 pins on the first picture are! from left to right along the top of the plug, 49,47,45.

post a picture here of you drives plug if you wish

I bought an Sony Optiarc AD-7593A for my Satellite A50 (this drive seams to be identical with NEC and Samsung AD-7593A). I had the same Error message. Fortunatly I didn't have to solder, because Sony has a master/slave tool for the AD-7593A. You can download it here:
(not on http://www.sony-optiarc.com)

After I had switched the drive to master mode, the drive could be recognised by the BIOS and by WindowsXP. But first I had to find a fried, who's notebook accepted drives running on CSEL mode.

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