I borrowed some code for a windows file browser from the internet. It creates a tree of all folders starting from 'Desktop' like a good file browser should, but there's a bit of a problem with 'my network places'. As it is it shows all folders under 'my network places' including 'web folders', but I need it to not show those. I thought I could identify them by their paths because web folders should have an http://... path, but for some reason the top level web folders dont have a path like. I cant really make sense of why. The whole Shell API aspect (functions imported from shell32.dll) that it uses to read the file system from the desktop level scares and confuses me. Does anyone happen to know a way to identify a folder as a 'web folder' even if it uses a shell function like maybe SHGetFileInfo?

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I think I need to get the 'Type' attribute. Every file system object seems to have it. I just dont know which shell function to use and probably how to use it

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