I would like to create a program to check dimension of piece part.
My probram should be consist of interface form to get input from user and display mode to show the final result after program completely processed.

Now I have completely created user interface form that is "Form1". This form was proposed to receive the dimension number of piece part from user. Then my program will display the drawing of piece part that referred the dimension value from "Form1".

I use the form_paint event in the same class that cause the mixing of the display mode and textbox (textbox to receive value from user) it shown at the same window.

I don't know how to bring the value from "Form1" to create at the different window/form. I need all your suggestions. Pls help!!.

PS. I'm Asian, my english is not quite good. :P

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So, from what I can understand, you want to pull values from form1 to form2. If this is correct then you can do this a couple of different ways.

One of the easiest is to add a standard module and declare a couple of public variables that you will use to hold the values you want.

Another way is to declare a couple of public variables in the general declaration section of form1...

Option Explicit

Public MyVar As String

and from form2 you would reference it thus...

MyForm2Var = Form1.MyVar

However, if you don't like to needlessly create extra variables AND the values you want to pass are contained within the textboxes then you could do something like this from form2...

MyForm2StringVar = Form1.Text1.Text

Good Luck

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