main app that starts multiple copies of one activex exe.
using createobject and thread per object.
need to communicate with the activex exe from the main app to start and to monitor progress. very low communications rate so communications speed is NOT a problem.

need withevents to Dim it.
unfortunately cannot set up an array of objects to make use of variable number of activex exe that start and the convenience of using an index to reference which activex is being accessed either from sub in the activex or calls back.

how does one do this type of application?
easily set up to create and access multiple activex exe when using withevents?
otherwise there is a sub and incoming event routine for each interface for each activex started. too much code bloat.
using user types to make the parameter passing more streamlined.

Coffe example does not support this type of application as far as I can determine.
I see no good examples of robust apps using ActiveX EXEs.
Any help will be appreciated.