Create an application that will predict the approximate size of a population organisms. The user should select or enter the starting number of organisms in a combo box, enter the average daily population increase (as a percentage) in a text box and select or enter the number of days the organisms will be left to multiply in another combo box. For example, assume the user enters the following values:

Starting number of organisms: 2
Average daily increase: 30%
Number of days to multiply 10

The application should display th following table of data.
Day Approximate Population
1 2
2 2.6
(table should list values up to 10 days)

Be sure to add appropriate ToolTips for each control on the form.
Input validation: Do not accept a number less than 2 for the starting size of the population. Do not accept a negative number for the average daily population increase. Do not accept a number less than 1 for the number of days the organisms will multiply.

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