I want to establish a VPN network between two PC of different lan network.Can i obtain this through my C# code.

I am having no idea regarding this.
Can any one tell me how can establish VPN through.
TO obtain this in which direction i should progress.
IF any one having any article link regarding this or any any one knows about which namespace or clesses should i use to get this.

please u r having any information regarding this. reply to this thread.
m waiting for ur replies ...

Does this actually need to be a VPN or would a Peer-To-Peer (p2p) connection work?

If p2p would work, you could use WCF or just sockets to communicate.

no dear ...
i want connection through VPN
coz i want to connect 2 PC of different LAN network
i mean 1 PC of network 1 and second PC of another network..

and problem is that .... as they are in different lan wth internet but having local ip addreses ....

Please post a network diagram of your networks. VPNs get screwy if you try to connect to a remote VPN that gives you an IP on the same network segment that your local network interface card is on.

Post the local ip of both machines, subnet, default gateway, and how the two networks are separated.

Also VPN is somewhat abstract. You can have multiple types of VPNs with different VPN clients. For example using a cisco VPN client will require a different approach than using a windows VPN client...

i want to create windows VPN

and there is network diagram as i want to run on internet....
whole internet is network for me ....