How can I draw a line on the form that can go around itself ?

I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with this question. I have no clue how to solve it. Thanks in advance :)

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Do you mean a line that goes around the edge of the form, like a border? If so, you can Shape control, and redraw the Shape's dimensions in the Form_Resize event.

As an example, create a Shape on the form with a Top and Left of 60. Then add

Shape1.Height = Me.ScaleHeight - 120
Shape1.Width = Me.ScaleWidth - 120

to the Form_Resize subroutine. This resizes the Shape when the form is resized by the user.


No not going around the edge of the form like a border.
I mean a line that can go around its axis.


Yes DEBASISDAS like hands of a clock. But can you write it for me please? I'm not an expert in VB6
And SCBWV the link which you gave me didn't solve the question.
But Thank you. :)

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