Hey guys,

I bought a new computer with 4 gigs of ram, 64 bit windows vista OS, dual core 2.4 ghz processor. . and I'm having some problems with it. Firefox frequently seems to mess up. Sometimes it won't stop loading a page when I click 'X', it will become unresponsive and not let me highlight the contents of the address bar, etc. I was wondering if it could be related to running a 32 bit version of firefox on 64 bit windows, but it should run correctly as far as I know. Oh, and when I play youtube videos, even though the video is already loaded, it will sometimes stop playing, show the loading circle, then resume after it loads. . although that might not be a problem, I find it surprising that my machine which should be plenty powerful could have trouble playing a 4 minute video. I also experienced a couple other things that seem strange to me, but meh.

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I'm positive that it will be a related error to the bit-based version of your OS. There are many third party Firefox 64 bit solutions; you might want to try one of those, you can find them with a quick Google-Search. :)

I've not personally had any problems running Firefox 3.5.2 on 64-bit Vista. I've only had that system about a week though.

Thanks for the youtube tip. I just changed it to a minute inbetween saves, I'll watch some videos and let you know if that does the trick.

Oh, to add to problems I'm experiencing, I also have to log onto this website multiple times, since after I correctly log in, it immediately takes me back to daniweb.com, but I'm not logged in. After I try it a few times it eventually logs me in properly.

One more problem - I've occasionally experienced my computer freezing when I shut it down - a few times, when I shut down, it has just frozen on the screen where the little circle is supposed to revolve, showing you that it is in the process of shutting down. I have an integrated webcam and I believe every time my computer hasn't shut down properly, it has been after I was running the webcam (either with skype or gmail chat). That could be coincidence though.

Anyway, thanks for all your help guys. As you can tell I'm frustrated by the fact that all these applications and even my OS seem to be messing up on a brand new machine. However, I'm not sure where any problems lie.

The adjustment to the time between page saving on Firefox fixed the issue with the youtube videos. Thanks for that. I'm still having the weird issue with having to log in multiple times onto this website, if anyone has any ideas what could be causing that. If it isn't fixable then it isn't a big deal because it is only a small annoyance. Again, I appreciate all the help and comments you guys have already given.

I'm going to try the 64 bit firefox, I guess. . I also discovered that although yesterday I could go to my facebook page's "profile" tab, today, I cannot. But I can do so using internet explorer.

. . And after disabling and uninstalling the skype add-on for firefox, facebook suddenly works perfectly again. And daniweb hasn't made me log in multiple times again yet. Woohoo computer science! *very unamused*

Sorry for so many posts, but after all of these discoveries.

... after all these discoveries, you should by now have reached the conclusion that FireFox can be safely dumped. I really hate FF because of its peculiarities.

Well, I would have done so, except my computer also bluescreened, which was not firefox, my webcam froze (and caused my computer to freeze), which was not firefox, and I would sometimes see random black images cover half the screen when I started the computer, which wasn't firefox. But I reinstalled factory defaults, everything seems ok now. Haven't had problems since then. Thanks for all the help guys. If I experience any more problems I probably will dump firefox though.

Just FYI... if this issue started roughly a week ago, it can be attributed to a recent Windows Update released which cause all systems running Windows Vista x64 to Blue Screen. The update was KB973879. It caused systems to Blue screen after you immediately log in, with codes 0x7E and 0x50. It also caused systems to Blue screen if you unplugged a USB device. The fix was to simply boot in Safe Mode and remove uninstall the update. The update was later pulled from Windows Update so there's no chance of you catching it again.

I never had that problem.

I never had that problem.

Good for you!

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