Hi experts
I am supposed to design a VB application wherein the following requirement is needed:
The user will select the type of software and information about who uses the software available in my database to be shown in flex grid. Now the user can choose one, two or all the options from the list box.
now foe one option I am easily able to do it.
But for more than one I need your help
Please guys help me
Thanks in advance.

Isn't there any one over here to help me out of this problem?
please guys this is very important for me

well for this type of scenario,
i would recommend using List View Control instead of list boxes, where user can select multiple options at the same time.

I know the question may be stupid but since I am new to VB I wont hesitate in asking you this question but how can I add List View Control in vb6.0
please help me again
thank you in advance

A list box with its multiselect property set to 1 - Simple or 2 - Extended will do fine, so no need to learn about a new control just yet, but it does raise the question, why a list box and not check boxes? Since you only have three options, it would be just a little bit easier to test check boxes versus items in a list box.

If Check1(0).Value = vbChecked And Check1(1).Value = vbUnchecked And Check1(2).Value = vbUnchecked then
  'do stuff here...
'0, 1, 0
'0, 0, 1...
ElseIf Check1(0).Value = vbChecked And Check1(1).Value = vbChecked And Check1(2).Value = vbUnchecked Then
  'do stuff here...
'1, 0, 1
'0, 1, 1
'1, 1, 1
'0, 0, 0...
End If

Good Luck

there are other ways too, like have a list of softwares you in the listview then drag and drop it in the listbox maybe.. then simple all data in the listbox were the only selected ones. :D

Thanks to all of you.
Thanks for helping me.
You guys are fantabulous.
Thumbs up to you guys