Hi, I really need some help
I've got a program in visual basic designed for entering order information into a database.
I've got radio buttons where you can select the product and i need these when selected to declare that the rest of the information following is reffering to the specific product.
Each product has its own ID in the database so I created a public variable in a module
Public Product As Integer

On the form with the radio buttons i've made it so when selected Product becomes the correct ID number

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
If BSRadio.Checked = True Then
Dim Product As Integer = 1

ElseIf DNORadio.Checked = True Then
Dim Product As Integer = 4

ElseIf FNORadio.Checked = True Then
Dim Product As Integer = 2

ElseIf LFSRadio.Checked = True Then
Dim Product As Integer = 5

ElseIf SNORadio.Checked = True Then
Dim Product As Integer = 3

ElseIf WARadio.Checked = True Then
Dim Product As Integer = 6

End If

End Sub


So i need to make it so the integer for the product links to that corresponding number in the database from microsoft access
Help me please!! lol

Perhaps if you asked this question in the correct forum, as this forum is NOT for .NET...

your code does not say anything about binding of control and database .

I fully support to what vb5prgrmr has said.
This is not the correct place to ask this question.
Happy Programing