There might have been a question like this but I cannot find.
I use option buttons in the form but in the report I want to see text instead of numbers.
How shall I do it?

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Glad you were able to solve it yourself, but why did you not post your solution so others could learn from it or why have you not marked your thread as solved?

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I'm sure there must be an easier way but I've never learnt VB or MS Access.
On my form I have an option group with 7 option buttons.
When any of them is chosen, Access keeps the data as a value.
The problem was that when I made a query based report, I saw those values only instead of the text.
So, I created a new query and I "translated" the value back to text by an expression coloumn.

Paying method:
(1) Check
(2 )Mastercard
(3) EFT
(4) ART
(5) Cheque
(6) Visa
(7) American Express

Expression in the query:

PM: IIf([Paying method]="1","cash",(IIf([Paying method]="2","M/C",(IIf([Paying method]="3","EFT",(IIf([Paying method]="4","ART",(IIf([Paying method]="5","Cheque",(IIf([Paying method]="6","Visa",(IIf([Paying method]="7","Am Express",0)))))))))))))

Finally I created a report based on this new query and I grouped the data by the text of [PM] instead of the value of [Paying method].

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