hello please help me on this i don't know what is the meaning of this movenext,movefirst, ,adoptimistic,aduserclient....please help me on this and how to use on this and the meaning of this...hoping for your positive responds..thanks in advance...

Read more is a big effort...

Optimistic - Refers to the way ADO connects to a dataset structure: optimistic or pessimist. See more ->

UseClient (not userclient) - refers the way data are manipulated: from the server or sent to the client machine. See this http://www.adopenstatic.com/experiments/clientsidecursortypes.asp and this http://www.adopenstatic.com/faq/recordcounterror.asp and this http://www.sqlteam.com/article/server-side-cursors-and-ado-cursor-types.

Note if you use client-side cursors, only static cursor are created. Read carefully http://www.sqlteam.com/article/server-side-cursors-and-ado-cursor-types

And for last but not the last, MOVE functions:
MOVE - move a certain number of records backward (example, obj.Move -1 move 1 record backward) or forward ( obj.Move 3 move 3 records forward);
MOVEFIRST - point the first record in your dataset;
MOVEPREVIOUS - point to the prior record in your dataset;
MOVENEXT - point to the next record in your dataset;
MOVELAST - point to the last record in your dataset.

While MoveFirst and MoveLast methods don't cause errors if you have at least 1 record in your dataset, MoveNext and MovePrevious cause "either bof or eof is true or the current record has been deleted" error if you're on the BOF position or EOF position.

Read some ADO documentation, this may help you!
And try googling "ADO move methods", "ADO concurrency", "ADO optimistic" and some other combination... you will be surprised with the results you get...


oki thanks for helping me...ahm what about the format currency?can i have also the peso sign format?.....what is the meaning for this i think this is for the currency,..correct me if i'm wrong..format (#,##0.00)...please help me on this hoping for your positive responds.

Type in FormatCurrency and Press F1...

MsgBox FormatCurrency(12345678.9, 2, vbUseDefault, vbUseDefault, vbUseDefault)

Good Luck

thanks for the reply and helping me..more power to you