Hello Everyone,
I recently have been getting into the python language and noticed that there is a portable python that you could save to something like a flash memory card and then you could write and run python programs on any computer without having to install anything. I am wondering if there is anything like that for Java?

Thanks in advance.

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Theres an excellent open source app, called <a href="jsmooth.sf.net">JSmooth</a>. Basically, you create an exe outta your application, and you can bundle the JVM with it, and configure to use that bundled JVM.
This way, you burn your application into a CD or a flash memory, and youre ready to go. I did it last week for a presentation at work, in which I didnt know if the host PC would have the JRE installed


Thank you for the replies!

If the other computers have the JVM you can run the applications, but most likely you'll want to use some program that will package it like dark suggested.

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