I would like to create a drawing tool similar to visio, with the linking to the database
But i have another half of my .exe project done with visual basic.\
we want to sell it.

is it wise to use visio and built macros links to it?
is it easy for other people to steal the source code if it built within the visio?

is there anyway around it?
otherwise, I will just build it from scratch


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Being that you can automate visio from visual basic, there should be no need to expose your code inside of a visio document... but with that said, you should have a look over at PSC (Planet-source-code.com) and give a search for the type of diagrams you want to create as several programs over there recreate some of visio's functionality...

Good Luck


thanks, yea. that's what I reckon. I will put it together from scratch, it is not that bad. At least we can customize the only thing that we need

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