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if you dont mind can you help me too. i have completed programing and it almost 99 % is completed. but i dont know how to create set up file. i tried with the help of employing and deploying wizard but when i install my software in the computer, it function properly only if the destination file is same with what i have coded in the program.

so what i want my project to be is that i want to function my software even if i change my destination of file. or when i install my software i want all files software to be place under one folder.

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I think this is simple. May be you give the directory or file id directly. I recommend please copy all required files to your program directory with your application.exe. Then if you want to load a text file then use like this

App.Path & "\Text.txt"

then it will load the fie from its own location. When you installed it it will never ask for the directory.

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