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Hi friends,

I am using the magtek Intellistripe 65 insert card reader and i want to connect the device thru my POS application developed in .NET.
I have also tried the sample VB code provided by magtek. But i am not able to access the device. Please reply.

> But i am not able to access the device. Please reply.
So talk to their
- product support
- tech support

Asking us is just pure dumb luck finding someone who might know that particular device.

But going to the manufacturer direct is a slam dunk.

I am working on web application called car rental project in ASP.NET. In my project for rented car and fuel and for other purpose the customer have option to swap credit card.If the customer swipes the credit card in TMSR Series Magnetic Stripe Card Reader, It should automatically display the total information of credit card (Expiry date, other information) on web application (dot net (.aspx)) page with all appropriate fields.
For this purpose we found that TMSR Series is best
Here I have some doubts,
1. TMSR Series is having option to integrate with .net? If is there any process material (helpful URLS and PDFS) or technical support like Chat please send me.
2. Could you please send me prerequisites for above requirement?

Please help me.