hi need codes for displaying a negative value eg ($-1000) in the balance txt when a person pays more cash here are my codes
Private Sub CmdCalc_Click()
'to declare variables
Dim Nam As String
Dim Unit As String
Dim Amt As Currency
Dim Bal As Currency
Dim Tot As Currency
Dim pay As Currency

Const Service_rate = "Ksh3500"

Nam = Val(TxtName.Text)
Tot = Val(TxtTotal.Text)
Unit = Val(TxtUnitNo.Text)
Amt = Val(TxtAmount.Text)
Bal = Val(TxtBal.Text)
pay = Val(TxtPay.Text)

Tot = Amt + 0
Bal = Service_rate - Tot

TxtTotal.Text = Format(Tot, "Currency")
TxtBal.Text = Format(Bal, "Currency")
TxtAmount.Text = Format(Amt, "Currency")
TxtPay.Text = Format(pay, "Currency")
TxtPay.Text = Service_rate

If FrmTikmash.OptFull = True Then
TxtStatus = "Paid"
End If
If FrmTikmash.OptBal = True Then
TxtStatus = "Has Balance"
End If
If FrmTikmash.OptNot = True Then
TxtStatus = "Not Paid"
End If
If FrmTikmash.OptIOU = True Then
TxtStatus = "IOU"
End If

End Sub

Hi Masterace,

Here is one way you can do. Use Integer instead of Currency if you are not sure how to use Currency, just like below.

Private Sub cmdCalculate_Click()
Dim Amt As Integer
Dim Tot As Integer

Amt = Val(txtAmount.Text)
Tot = Val(txtTotal.Text)
txtBalance.Text = Tot - Amt
End Sub

Let us know if you need more help.
Hope this helps.

Well using integers will not allow for the showing of cents or decimal value portions of a dollar...

MsgBox Format(-1000.45, "$#,#.00;-$#,#.00")

Good Luck