Hello everyone :)

I have to do a very imporant project... And I would highly appreciate some useful hints, since I have NO experience at all with VBA... (I have read a book, but just from reading and following those instructions I am not able to key my own tool... :( )

I have to develope a margin calculator...

Thanks for your help!!!

Hi German Girl,
I have little trouble understanding your question. In what you are trying to develop your Margin Calculator ( in Access, Excel etc or just in VB6). You can also tell us how you expect your calculator to work. If you have tried something to do about this project then you can also tell us about that too.


Hi there :-)

Sorry for telling about my gender and geography, I justed wanted to introduce myself a little bit... ?

I have to develop it in Excel.
It is supposed to be a multiuse financial tool.
I already have most of the mathematical backround, "just" the knowlegde of getting it right into VB is missing :-(

here is a very easy example:
Revenue: $ 25
Costs: $ 18
then: Gross profit: $ 7, which is 28 % margin. ( (7*100)/25)

Thats one of the functions which should be included. (It is not supposed to look jusr like a usual excel worksheet, but like a "seperate" calculator.
I really appreciate your help!!!