hi...i worked on few projects on visual basic 5.0 on school which has windows xp......then i created exe file for it and tried to run it on my computer which has windows vista....but i am getting error message which says MSVBVM50.dll was not found...can somebody help me plz...

You need to create an install package and install the program to your computer...

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The error is generated because there are no runtime files for vb installed on your Vista pc. Install the proper runtime files, available in your vb directory under program files on your OLD system or download them.
I do however think that you might still have a problem with vb5. As far as I know, the only runtime files will be from vb6 SP4 onwards. I have vb6 SP6 installed on VISTA AND 7, and all my apps work.

Good luck.

best way is what vb5prgrmr said. if you not want to do this then supply these kind of file (.dll, .ocx or other what you use in your project) with exe.

I dont think simply supplying .dll and .ocx file with .exe will work until registered. As said by abu and vb5prgrmr use install maker which can also register files.