is it possible to sign out from the website programmatically.. if possible means how can i?

thanks in advance

yes, it is possible. use like below.
this will clear all the session values. so, you should use after this


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You can Sign out programatically using Session.Abandon() Method.

To know more about Sessions click here


im using webbrowser control to login programmatically to a website.. it works fine.. and my Question now is is it possible to programmatically log out from that website.

if we press login button in our windows form means it gets login to that website and we can see it in webbrowser
also if i press logout button in my windows form it should log out from that website as we click the signout button of that website.

is it possible?
if possible means how can i do that?

Expecting Help!


You can follow the log out link usually and then wait for the response page to return, but be aware of redirects to authentication servers that will have to be followed before you destroy the object, Siteminder comes to mind in this.

>Is it possible to programmatically log out from a website

When you close that win app or unload that form which hosts webbrowser control, you will be logged out.

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