How to promote my website effectively and in very short period of time.

What plans should i design to promote my website quickely and effectively.

I want to promote my website in very short period of months.

Waiting for experts answers.

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It depends on :
1. What does your website offer - is it content or e-commerce?
2. Whats your budget for marketing and advertising?

I recommend you to start by mapping out your website by areas that are of most interest for your readers.

nothing is free, also the time........... so if you have budget you can boost your marketing, othervise is a long lasting effort......... it can take ages to have a real good position and reputation for customers, search engine, etc etc etc....

you must decide what you really want and how much you can invest.... then you can decide the best way to proceed further....

let say that with money and no time I will purchase ads from google, yahoo, banner ads in the main forums accordingly with the topic of your web

plus i will consideer to purchase link and listings on the biggest directories online

plus can hire someone to surf and find places to promote your web in a good ethic way without spam ........

...I want to promote my website in very short period of months.

Waiting for experts answers.

In SEO, that sounds reasonably attainable, provided you have a domain that has established some credibility already and you aren't in so much of a rush as to take the trendy but risky search engine optimisation short-cuts.

I'd try to concentrate on deploying a high quality Internet visitor experience. That in itself could be your fastest way to web site promotion success. I'd try to stay focused on providing something exceptional and unique to my qualified visitor.

Now, there's other forms of Internet marketing that could expediate your process but they are not in my skill set really. You'll have to read up on all these other Internet advertising methods; social media, search engine ads, dumpster directories, forum spamming, link swapping networks etc.

Hope this helps.

To promote your website in a short period of time, you definitely need to spend a certain amount of money on advertising your website. Without spending money, you will need some time to get more inbound links and let search engine slowly crawl and rank your website.

The fastest way to get your site ranking is by using a strategy that includes a number of carefully planned tactics. If you want to have long term success though you should avoid spammy or blackhat tactics at all costs.

For the traffic purpose means u can use social bookmarking and social networking. And in the seo purpose means u can use directory submissions, dofollow comment posting, dofollow forum posting and u must do seo on your site. Depends on your keyword ranking only you can get top in serps

hi, Ali
use all possible social networks(fb, twitter, my space, etc)

maybe you can even talk to some similar companies in oreder to exchange links...

visit forums and sales parts there, post articles.....

good luck

I would also recommend adding some offline tactics like: plugging your site at networking events; even advertising on a targeted newspaper.

How to promote my website effectively and in very short period of time.

What plans should i design to promote my website quickely and effectively.

I want to promote my website in very short period of months.

Waiting for experts answers.

I use great solution, submit one article to 30 blogs in 3 minutes, i suggest you to try <snip>

Originally Posted by "umairraja52"

How to promote my website effectively and in very short period of time.
What plans should i design to promote my website quickely and effectively.

Well, there are many ways you can use, like posting comments in forums and blogs with high page rank, and using the bookmarking
sites, also being into different social media sites.

I want to promote my website in very short period of months.

you have to bear in mind that seo needs patience, you have to wait for till your website is known and gets high ranking on search engines ... sometimes you need to wait more than just several months

Dear Mr. umairraja52, how can I try <snip>?
I am interested in what you exlained but can't understand how I can find it.

Thank you in advance)

It depends on your content and what type of your site is if u have unique content then your site is a king for search engines.

it would be better if you also try offline marketing like advertising postcards. You can print your website url on it and distribute them to your qualified prospects. You should make it also attractive so that you'll get the attention of the reader and they will surely visit your site.

You must post in many social bookmarking, social networking, forum submission, and you can make an article and that submit in article submission....
It will can be effective to promote your'e website...
Thanks and hope it can help

How to promote my website effectively and in very short period of time.

What plans should i design to promote my website quickely and effectively.

I want to promote my website in very short period of months.

Waiting for experts answers.

if you really only want to focus on promoting a site and dont care about shelling out some money then i suggest PPC (google adwords, adbrite,bidvertiser,etc).you will get traffic very soon within hours
otherwise article marketing or video marketing

Just have a good article with 2-3version then use it for your website, blogging & article submission. Content is very important since SE and target market is hungry for information. I believe that this is the most effective way to promote a site in a very short period.

I have to admit that I am not that knowledgeable with internet marketing and how it works. All I know is that I need people to be able to find me when they look for information about me on the internet.

I have my website, you can check it at . I am not doing well with promoting my online site since it's not my forte but I do plan to give ample time to promote it.

... ...

1. Determine what your important keyphrases are.
2. Modify the Wordpress template to include meta description and meta keywords.
3. Rewrite your Title to include primary keyphrases.
4. Emphasize the keyphrases in the content using <em>,<hx>,<i>,etc.
5. Write many more, intelligently written, unique, captivating, keyphase-rich articles.
6. Modify the image names to be logical (ie laser-surgery.gif) and use keyphrase-rich alt attributes that clearly identify the images.

Hello All
My Suggestion is you can do the following steps:

1. Directory Submission
2. Article submission
3. Social bookmaking
4. Forum posting
5. Blog Creations
6. Blog Posting
7. Press Release submission
8. RSS Feed Directory submission
9. Local Classifieds Add
10. Global Classifieds Add
11. Free Yellowpages
12. Image Optimization
13. Video Optimization
14. Social Networking sites Add.
15. Free Advertisement

I do think social sites could help you a lot for getting good visitors to your site and another good idea is article submission...

Blogs are a good way to promote your website and it also helps build back links. Try and write about something related to your website then link your website from that blog. You can also do Adwords and buy text link ads on website like or here on and You will see instant results. Banners ads are still very effective becasue you can say a lot more in a little space. But I would take my time and and not rush in to promotiing a website because you also need to monitor which advertising methods are giving you the best results. Website business takes time and patience just relax and plan where and how much do you want to spend on advertising.

It depends on your sites niche or if it is content or e-commerce. But generally for quick traffic you should combine social networking, commenting to forums, groups and blogs with your anchor text. Solo ads, email marketing and traffic exchange. That will start delivering visitors instantly... Other SEO techniques are IMPORTANT... And should be also worked on... But are long term.

I agree with the past two posters - you have to think both short term and long term approaches on driving qualified traffic to your website. You also need to consider paid and unpaid online promotion and overall, what is your strategy!!!

If you really want to promote your site quickly , better you hire a SEO candidate to work for your site. SEO Experts only knows the tactics of quick promotion.

If you really want to promote your website, you may want to try social bookmarking, directory submission and forum postings. But in forums like this, make sure that you are showing friendly gestures because if you do, people here will even give you a hand and help you out in your promotion efforts.

it would be better that you focus on one niche for a single site so you know your target audience. Once you set your primary niche, you have to search for good keywords for your site. Then start with blog commenting, forum posting, social blogging and social bookmarking. You can also join on social networking sites and build your own network.

Social Media Optimization is the latest trend in the field of internet marketing, you should also try social networking sites. You can do blog posting, review posting, article submissions etc. on social sites this will definitely help you in getting more traffic to your site.


To promote your site within short period of time, It is better to go for article marketing. If you can write unique articles and submit to many sites, you will be getting more traffic. Make sure that you are using one article only once.

Promoting your site on social media site is a creative kind of work which is really effective and can get you remarkable results in doing promotion work for your site. Blogging can also help your website getting good recognition and it has significant importance according to Search Engines. Create an attractive blog for your site and use good and effective content in that.

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