I have 2 classes clsParty and clsAccount
clsParty has a function named GetParty()
clsAccount has a function named GetAccount()

I have a 3rd class named clsDoTran
What i want to do is i want to use GetParty() and GetAccount() functions from both clsParty and clsAccount

But there is a problem and the problem is i cannot inherit both the class at a time

Can u tell me how to do it?

Thanks and Regards

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This is simple, this is either you properly design your classes using Interfaces or if you're really on a hurry , create your clsDoTran with member variables of clsParty and clsAccount.


For this must be simple but as i've said i have just started working in vb.net its not so simple for me. The second option u gave is under my consideration but i dont want to got with that. Can u be more helpful if u give some example? Thanks

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